See, that’s the big question

Right now if he understands fully vested right on his 401k (which I’m not sure he does) he would be staying long enough anyway to get that 5% additional cash on what he’s been socking away. The two times would work out to be pretty close to the same so then it wouldn’t be a problem.
They’ve not talked dollars and cents to him yet, just mainly been feeling him out on the idea, so we don’t know what the boost would be. He’d be moving up more than one level in the company ranks, so it should be a good chunk. So far his two pay raises with this company at his current level have been $2 per hour the first year and $1 per hour the second year. He’s also had a couple of bonuses, one of which was good size., but ds got the same size one so it was more profit sharing based than merit based. Other than they are moving ds up quickly.
Dh is not a money person. I’m the math nerd although he has been stricter than me on the budget this last couple of months, so for dh to take the management course I think would help him on managing the household if I were gone—after all my parents both died younger than I am now.
One of the reasons he is thinking about staying with the company until sometime in 2017 or a little later has to do with medical insurance. While he is already on Medicare part A due to his age, I don’t qualify until January 2015 and with the jump in premiums due to Obamacare we cannot afford to insure me without the company insurance and with my medical history of cancer in my 30’s and the destruction of my thyroid in 2009 I need to have GOOD insurance.
Once I turn 65 then we will need to look at the best plan for parts B and D as well. I know before Obamacare dh’s B alone was going to be over $100 per month and we’ve been told it’s gone much higher, for 2 of us this could mean we are going to need a big nest egg.
Ds, or as you know him Sean, plans on staying with this company for as long as possible. He likes the work environment, he likes the owner’s ethics and he loves the respect he’s given—something he’s not had in some other jobs. They call him dh’s clone at work and are willing to support him in any education he wants to take. People, much his senior have already started coming to him to answer AutoCad questions when his dad isn’t around. The various bosses and the owner all say he’s a valuable asset to the company.
They also say they can see that dh has trained him well. They have told dh they think any investment in dh’s training shows up in ds. Dh was told this a month or so ago when they informed him he’d be going to AutoCad University again this winter. So we think he’ll be okay.

The info below is similar to XANGO, THE THREE STEP HUSTLE PLAN

Sorry to shout but I am having trouble getting Christians and Christian talk radio stations to even answer me on this issue. I keep hearing Andy Willoughby, not for long, I turn the station off quickly.LOL I know of churches that have been turned into MLM money changer haunts instead of places to worship. I’ve kept them out of my church, my family and my work place though.

So far, you’ve been a really good sport as we grill you….LOL!!

My question is this: have you been asked to buy any tapes/CDs for “training purposes”; or been asked to go to a meeting that you pay to attend??

As I was reading about Enlyten, at first I was angered by the mention of “cassettes” – thinking “here we go with a Motivational Group” – but then realized that’s how the product is packaged. And it’s probably NOT a good word for the company to use, given how many ex-MLMers have mountains of cassette tapes in their basements…LOL!


Yes, I’m good sport!! 🙂

No, not at all. Like last night, I could have gone to the Spirit Bank center to just go myself to learn more, or I could have taken others that may be interested in doing it. There has been no mention for me to buy anything more. They provide free training every Saturday for anyone who wants to come and bad credit payday loans guaranteed approval. They have lunches throughout the week at various places if you want to go to those as well. I can get on my website(which is through them, no charge, came with membership) and I can download forms, etc.

Yes, the strips come in a small package they call a “cassette”, I see what you are saying about that.

Its an MLM with a twist

after hitting you up for a $40 joining fee, and a $350 starter (products to use and show people), they don’t require you to buy
products monthly (though its “encouraged”), but then they make you (not optional according to their website) pay $19.95 a month for a “website” you can use to sign people up and market Watkins. That may seem innocuous, but at $19.95/mo for a cookie cutter website, you can rake in lots of money as an ISP – also – none of this $19.95 needs to be paid out as commissions – goes straight to the top!! Very clever!

Sharing a kitchen isn’t easy

Hubby may be discouraging you from being in there much so as to not step on mom’s toes so to speak.
Not that it sounds like your mom in law is in there cooking but she might be funny about someone cooking in her kitchen. I can cook well when I do but I am not really consistent at it. We often eat soup, sandwiches or a frozen pizza for dinner, or boxed meals like hamburger helper. They only take 20 minutes or so. That’s nice you can live with his parents though. Must save you a bundle on living expenses.

I’m the one eating lean cuisine

he eats stoffers or other frozen dinner stuff. he’s not a big eater. He’ll sometimes have a sandwich or croutons with dressing for dinner. I cant cook for the rest of the family, he won’t let me. He grew up with his mom and dad eating fast food 5-6 times a week. Like if I want to make something like meatloaf with some sort of veggies and a small salad, it takes too long so I can’t. Can’t make anything over 10 mins cause to him that takes too long and he would rather be doing something else with me-like watching TV and I cant be in the kitchen for long.
The beef as in he will not eat it if its ever been frozen as in if there is a big sale I cant stock up and freeze the rest. It must be in the refrigerator-bought in the last few days. Now he’s ok with chicken being frozen. He doesn’t do leftovers either. We live with his parents and they get takeout at least 5-6 times a week and if there is any leftover from takeout or even home cooked meals but from a box from his father none of them will eat it the next day. They don’t care that they waste alot of food. My husband is a good man but this is one of my pet peeves as my health has gone downhill-my mom always cooked good home-cooked meals and its no wonder my mil weighs 350+ and my father had to have his prostrate removed cause he had cancer but they don’t care and it’s really frustrating. All his food habit are because of his mother and father and I’m trying to change that but its like molasses in January.

Thanks again everyone :)

I am actually really blessed in that my dh works a better than regular job 😛 He works from home and his schedule is flexible. I agree with you that shopping alone is better. I have really appreciated everyone’s thoughts on this and suggestions. It’s caused me to really think about it and I am pretty sure that my problem is not my debit card as much as it is lack of planning.

I do a menu plan but it’s pretty loose and I’m missing snacks, lunch stuff, (needed) convenience food for when I would otherwise order take-out, and adding that to the list once I get to the store. So DUH that’s not a good idea. I have really got to start planning better. I think this is all a learning curve kind of a thing. I’ve been doing a menu plan and grocery budget for several years now so I know pretty much what we spend in each of the categories and I know that the food budget can be flexed a bit between $100 and $150 depending on the week. But I need to do the weekly budget in addition to the monthly budget so I can watch it all closely.

I do keep a running tab as I go, I knew I was over when I got to the line but I looked in my cart and everything there were things I was not willing to put back. That was a decision that I made at the time. I am sure if I didn’t have the boys with me I would have probably taken some things and put them away, I think that going shopping by myself will help a lot, both for that and because I will be able to take my time in the first place and go to more than one store so I can hit the deals.

I will have to discuss this with dh and make a plan that he’s on board with.


He won’t eat real food, only prepackaged food? Oh, he’d die of starvation here. How do you cope. Lean Cuisine? If he insists upon eating overpriced, glorified TV dinners, buy him his, cook for the rest of the family. I am dead serious. No one in my family is allowed to be picky. We eat real food most of the time. Why can’t you make anything that takes over 10 minutes? Are you having appliance problems?

Re: the frozen hamburger, are you talking about frozen, precooked meat? If that’s the case, I can work around that. I hate most meats reheated, so I don’t deliberately make leftovers of things I won’t eat cold. It’s funny that he’d eat frozen entrees if he won’t eat frozen meats..

Also a whole foods person here

I have given up on coupons for most categories, I don’t buy that processed junk. What works for me, and is hard with kids, I KNOW, I am a mother of 4 boys, and they were once young, is to keep a running tab on a legal pad, or in a notebook. When I do this, I never go over, plus, I catch when things don’t ring up at the right price.

I haven’t caught, does your husband travel, or have a normal job? If he has a normal job, can you grocery shop, alone, after he’s home from work? If you are a military wife, or the wife of an OTR trucker, this won’t work, but if he’s home at night, do you have any groceries open after your dinner hour is up? I can watch the costs a lot more when I shop alone.