Thanks again everyone :)

I am actually really blessed in that my dh works a better than regular job 😛 He works from home and his schedule is flexible. I agree with you that shopping alone is better. I have really appreciated everyone’s thoughts on this and suggestions. It’s caused me to really think about it and I am pretty sure that my problem is not my debit card as much as it is lack of planning.

I do a menu plan but it’s pretty loose and I’m missing snacks, lunch stuff, (needed) convenience food for when I would otherwise order take-out, and adding that to the list once I get to the store. So DUH that’s not a good idea. I have really got to start planning better. I think this is all a learning curve kind of a thing. I’ve been doing a menu plan and grocery budget for several years now so I know pretty much what we spend in each of the categories and I know that the food budget can be flexed a bit between $100 and $150 depending on the week. But I need to do the weekly budget in addition to the monthly budget so I can watch it all closely.

I do keep a running tab as I go, I knew I was over when I got to the line but I looked in my cart and everything there were things I was not willing to put back. That was a decision that I made at the time. I am sure if I didn’t have the boys with me I would have probably taken some things and put them away, I think that going shopping by myself will help a lot, both for that and because I will be able to take my time in the first place and go to more than one store so I can hit the deals.

I will have to discuss this with dh and make a plan that he’s on board with.