I’m the one eating lean cuisine

he eats stoffers or other frozen dinner stuff. he’s not a big eater. He’ll sometimes have a sandwich or croutons with dressing for dinner. I cant cook for the rest of the family, he won’t let me. He grew up with his mom and dad eating fast food 5-6 times a week. Like if I want to make something like meatloaf with some sort of veggies and a small salad, it takes too long so I can’t. Can’t make anything over 10 mins cause to him that takes too long and he would rather be doing something else with me-like watching TV and I cant be in the kitchen for long.
The beef as in he will not eat it if its ever been frozen as in if there is a big sale I cant stock up and freeze the rest. It must be in the refrigerator-bought in the last few days. Now he’s ok with chicken being frozen. He doesn’t do leftovers either. We live with his parents and they get takeout at least 5-6 times a week and if there is any leftover from takeout or even home cooked meals but from a box from his father none of them will eat it the next day. They don’t care that they waste alot of food. My husband is a good man but this is one of my pet peeves as my health has gone downhill-my mom always cooked good home-cooked meals and its no wonder my mil weighs 350+ and my father had to have his prostrate removed cause he had cancer but they don’t care and it’s really frustrating. All his food habit are because of his mother and father and I’m trying to change that but its like molasses in January.