The info below is similar to XANGO, THE THREE STEP HUSTLE PLAN

Sorry to shout but I am having trouble getting Christians and Christian talk radio stations to even answer me on this issue. I keep hearing Andy Willoughby, not for long, I turn the station off quickly.LOL I know of churches that have been turned into MLM money changer haunts instead of places to worship. I’ve kept them out of my church, my family and my work place though.

So far, you’ve been a really good sport as we grill you….LOL!!

My question is this: have you been asked to buy any tapes/CDs for “training purposes”; or been asked to go to a meeting that you pay to attend??

As I was reading about Enlyten, at first I was angered by the mention of “cassettes” – thinking “here we go with a Motivational Group” – but then realized that’s how the product is packaged. And it’s probably NOT a good word for the company to use, given how many ex-MLMers have mountains of cassette tapes in their basements…LOL!


Yes, I’m good sport!! 🙂

No, not at all. Like last night, I could have gone to the Spirit Bank center to just go myself to learn more, or I could have taken others that may be interested in doing it. There has been no mention for me to buy anything more. They provide free training every Saturday for anyone who wants to come and bad credit payday loans guaranteed approval. They have lunches throughout the week at various places if you want to go to those as well. I can get on my website(which is through them, no charge, came with membership) and I can download forms, etc.

Yes, the strips come in a small package they call a “cassette”, I see what you are saying about that.